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Work from home

Work from home on your own schedule

Earn extra cash

Get paid for your contributions, earn extra cash on your own schedule.

Learn new skills

Tasks often require you to learn and think deeply about topics.

Transparent pay

Benefit from a clear and straightforward pay structure, so you know exactly what you’re earning with each task.

Choose your projects

Select tasks that match your interests and skills, allowing you to work on projects that genuinely interest you.

AI innovation

Play a pivotal role in shaping the future of artificial intelligence by aligning AI models with your expertise and preferences.

Label, review or rework

Perform tasks on tools that let you do your best work

Rating & Ranking

Rating & Ranking

Rating or ranking assignments require you to assess multiple AI-generated options and determine the most suitable model responses, ensuring the content reaches a high-quality standard for review. Provide a rationale for your choices based on specific criteria or factors.

Open Rewrite
Open Rewrite

In an Open Rewrite task, experts use an initial premise or context for an AI model to elaborate on, depending on the intended outcome and task requirements. These prompts typically encompass straightforward sentences, inquiries, or detailed descriptions aimed at improving a response from the AI model.


Multi-modal assignments assist in training AI models to process and categorize data from various sources like images, sound, or video. For instance, experts might teach a model to create a story or description based on what it sees in pictures.

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We are always looking for professionals to contribute. All we need is some simple demographic information when you apply.


Complete a practice project to see what it's like to take part! Follow the instructions and give the project your full attention and feel free to have some fun with it too.

Complete projects

Once you're verified, you can contribute to AI projects on an ongoing basis.

Meet the Alignerrs

Andre practices Law in Miami, USA at his own firm. In addition to law, he studies languages and can speak over 10 languages.

Andre O

Lawyer, multi-lingual

Mark is a mathematician and researcher (PhD) at IAS. He pursued his PhD in the France and currently works at IAS.

Mark D

Mathematician, multi-lingual

Isla is a high school teacher based in Florida. In a prior role, she owned and operated a local english tutoring franchise.

Isla J

Creative writing


  • What is Alignerr?


    Alignerr.com is a community of subject matter experts from several disciplines who align AI models by creating high-quality data in their field of expertise to build the future of Generative AI.

  • Who are Alignerrs?


    Alignerrs are individuals with unique skillsets who are building the future of Generative AI by creating high-quality data and evaluating performance of models.

  • What does the onboarding process look like?


    During onboarding you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in completing projects. You will then be added to our community where a leader will help you onboard and learn about how to successfully contribute to a range of projects.

  • Is it safe to provide my information?


    Yes, we require contributors to provide their identification to ensure a safe platform and prevent bad actors. We maintain privacy standards in storing information and do not share your information with any third parties.

  • What qualifications do I need to become an Alignerr ?


    Applicants should possess the required knowledge and specialized skills relevant to the areas they apply for. Our job postings provide detailed information on the specific requirements for each domain. Minimum qualifications typically include junior and senior undergraduates in the respective field. Preferred qualifications include graduate students, master's degree holders, and PhD recipients in the field. Proficiency in written English and effective communication skills are essential for all candidates. We are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic and dedicated to contributing to the development of cutting-edge Generative AI technologies.

  • What does the application process look like?


    We evaluate your resume and identify if you meet the minimum qualifications. We’ll then set up a screening call and administer an assessment to determine your suitability to become an Alignerr in the domain that you’ve applied for. Once your application has been approved, we’ll reach out to you to begin the process of onboarding.

  • How much will I be paid?


    The rates we offer are determined by your area of expertise and your level of qualifications as posted in the job description.

  • Can I be an Alignerr in addition to another part-time or full-time opportunity?


    Yes, Alignerrs are independent contractors who can determine how many hours they want to work in a given week.

  • How much time should I expect to work?


    Alignerrs have varying schedules, with some work around 5-10 hours per week and others work up to 40 hours per week, depending on their availability. Your earnings are based on the number of hours you contribute each week, and there are no minimum or maximum hourly requirements. You have full control over your workload.

  • What does aligning AI models by creating high quality data mean?


    Alignerr’s projects aim to enhance AI models for improved safety, reliability, and accuracy. Your role involves assisting cutting-edge generative AI models in tasks such as coding improvement, data science synthesis, basic math and chemistry comprehension, and creative writing. Projects often involve addressing specific and diverse challenges while interacting with these models as they learn. The nature of your projects will vary based on your expertise, covering a range of topics. Tasks may involve generating training data to enhance models or evaluating model performance.

  • What type of employment is this?


    Contributors are freelancers, not employees, who can work when and where they want within the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. As an independent contractor of Alignerr, you’ll assume all liability for proper classification as an independent contractor or consultant based on applicable legal guidelines. Ability to freelance on Alignerr varies outside of the above geographies. Please refer to the job post in question for more details about accepted geographies.

  • Is this full time work?


    No, as an Alignerr, you are a freelancer and you can work when you want, where you want, for however long you would like.

  • Are there minimum hour requirements?


    No, many contributors spend 20-25 hours per week on the platform, but as an independent contractor, you can choose how many hours you want to work a week.

  • What work authorization do I need?


    Alignerrs are independent contractors, not W2 employees. Work authorization is a process run by the federal government, and we cannot advise on the process.

  • Can I sign up if I am on a visa?


    Your ability to contract with Alignerr is dependent on the type of visa you have. Your visa must specify you are allowed to work and even then, you may still need authorization. If you are unclear on your qualifications, please contact your immigration advisor. Alignerr is unable to provide further guidance on your visa specifics.

    Please note that we only accept US Driver’s Licenses, US State IDs, US Work Permits or US Permanent Residence Cards for identity verification. Identify verification is required for all contributors.

  • Do you sponsor work visas?


    At this time, we do not sponsor work visas.

  • I am a student, can I become an Alignerr?


    Yes, as an independent contractor, you can work when and for however long you like. Note that some projects do have specific educational requirements. Please reference the job posting in question if you have any questions about your eligibility based on your major or graduation date.

  • How is Alignerr associated with Labelbox?


    Alignerr is a product built by Labelbox for you to contribute aligning generative AI models and get paid. You will be using the annotation platform developed by Labelbox.

  • Can I use Alignerr in my resume or linkedin profile?


    Yes! Alignerrs often improve existing or learn new skills. This is something to be proud of and share with the world!

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